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Hickory Hills has spacious kennels to accommodate all size dogs. Each individual kennel has an attached private outdoor run, food and water dishes, as well as fresh bedding. All of our buildings are climate controlled and kept clean throughout the day. 

Along with overnight boarding, our playful guests receive complimentary playtime in a small, supervised group. To receive group play time, all dogs must be social, up-to-date on all required vaccines and on a flea and tick preventative. 

Want to come check us out? Give us a call to schedule a tour! 

What To Bring

BELONGINGS: You are more than welcome to bring any item with your dog during their stay except for hard bones or rawhides, as we cannot fully monitor those all day. Large beds are also not permitted as some of those beds will take up the majority of the indoor kennel and will not fit in the wash. Please be advised that Hickory Hills is not responsible for the damage of any bedding and/or belongings during your dogs stay and that any bedding and/or belongings that you bring may get misplaced or destroyed by your dog or a neighboring dog. We are constantly washing bedding and belongings and sometimes your dogs items could get lost in laundry rotation. We do provide clean bedding and blankets and highly encourage using ours as there is no chance of yours getting lost and/or damaged. 


FOOD: We highly encourage you bring your own dog food. We do not require you to bag the food by meal, but if you do so, please bring an extra bag in case some food gets spilled or just in case you need to extend your stay. Otherwise, just a regular, labeled container will be perfect. We will take feeding instructions at check in. We do have refrigerators in all buildings for special food. If you choose to use our food (Mounds Dog Power Chicken & Rice), we have a flat rate food charge of $2/day per dog. 


MEDICATION: Any medication your dog is taking should be brought with during their stay. We administer all types of medications including insulin - please tell a staff member while making the reservation about any special requests. Please keep the medications out of the food bags (if you bag your food) and give the medication and instructions to the staff member checking you in. 


All dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations to be boarded. Prior to the boarding appointment, your veterinarian can email a copy of the current vaccination list to us. If your dog is not current on these vaccinations, Hickory Hills has the right to not accept your dog. 

-Rabies (required)

-Distemper (required)

-Bordetella or Canine Cough (required)

-Negative Fecal (required annually)

-Canine Influenza (recommended)

-Flea & Tick (required)

-Heartgard (recommended)

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